FOR THIS 6th edition
For this 6th edition, the creative geniuses within the organizers have prepared three routes that will surprise you once again for the Traversée Hivernale Memphrémagog.
This year, in addition to experiencing the night ride, some cyclists will take on the abominable Fatman/Fatgirl, while others tread the ice of the lake during the foot race.
  • Kilometers under the stars.
  • A simple and proven formula.
  • Three starts, one finish.
  • The participants of the Fatbike adventure decide, a few minutes before the start, if he/she wants to do the 10 km or 26 km circuit.

The echoes of the last conquerors of the Orford Valley have suggested that the abominable must be defeated, this year, at night.

The glow of the headlamps, the snowy berms and the steepness of the mountain will be the only weapons that Fatgirl and Fatman will have to master to tackle this challenge and defeat the Abominable.

Only one male and female participant will be declared Fatgirl and Fatman of the 2023 edition of LTHM.

Will you be that person?

A race over 2 stages

  • Stage 1: Circuit in Mount-Orford Park – 14 km on the Mount-Orford Fatbike trails – Annual card or SÉPAQ daily access required to be presented upon entering the park.
  • Stage 2: 26 km adventure circuit on Lake Memphremagog

Total distance covered: 40 km

The male and female participant having completed both stages in the least time will be declared Fatman and Fatgirl 2023 and will each receive a prize!

Carte démontrant le parcours de 10 km
10 km course
Carte démontrant le parcours de 26 km
26 km course
Carte du parcours Fatman
1st stage of the Fatman/Fatgirl circuit – 14 km in the fatbike trails of Mount-Orford